Crazy Cat Lady

I did not know I was a cat person. Or a crazy cat lady.

The blue eyes of this Siamese beauty are mesmerizing.

One summer morning nearly fourteen years ago I returned from my daily walk to find a Siamese kitten in my garage.  I did not know how much I needed a kitten. I resisted for weeks but when it was time to give her away, I just could not let her go. Her name is Curio because she investigated everything. Curio reigns as the princess of the house. My role is now that of lady in waiting.


This gorgeous boy is quite a pistol!



Our cat family grew when we found a tiny Tuxedo kitten dodging morning traffic on a busy highway. My husband was going out of town and I had a meeting to attend that morning, so I dropped him at our veterinarian’s office with a promise that I would return later to get him. I did not know much about introducing a new cat to the family; Roberto (because he is so elegant) and Curio did not get along but soon learned to tolerate each other.

This beautiful cat is a purring machine!


One frigid morning I saw a tiny kitten eating bread crumbs thrown for the birds. We could not bear to watch this, so of course we began feeding him.  I guess this is where “crazy” happens. Topaz is a tabby with golden eyes and a great personality. Curio and Roberto ignored Topaz until he began taking over their treats and sleeping areas. He is now the largest of the three and most vocal.

Cats often show up at our house. Sorry, we are full.


I did not know how intelligent cats are. They work their way into your heart and never leave. They know exactly what they are doing.

A little Photoshop was necessary to make a reference photo of  this trio of felines.

If Curio had not wandered into my world, if Roberto did not love the camera, and if Topaz did not have that sweet expression, I would have never painted a cat. My feline family is the subject of many paintings that became Christmas cards.  When my friends and I are painting in different neighborhoods, the cats find me; I often include a small cat in my landscapes.

Yes, I have become the crazy cat lady who also paints them.

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