Lessons Learned…From the Birds

Frolick vb 1: to make merry 2: to play about happily

When I hear the word frolic I think of very young children on the playground, kittens swatting a ball of yarn, and birds at the feeder. To me, frolicking involves some sort of action. I am pretty sure it’s been a while since I last frolicked.

Anyway, a few weeks ago our part of the country had its three day winter complete with a freeze, street closings, and power outages. Sort of like a hurricane, but colder. Once again, we were confined to the house, and even though we had Netflix and HGTV, our greatest source of entertainment was watching the birds frolic at the feeder.

Seeing the birds interact with each other made me think…there were different species of birds sharing the same space without a problem. Some kicked seed to the ground so the other birds (and probably a few squirrels) could get to it more easily. The pairs of cardinals took care of each other. All had plenty to eat. The day may have been cold, but I doubt the birds felt it. By being what they are–birds–they played happily with no cares.

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We can learn lessons from the birds.

Get along with each other. 

Help others. Share.

Be kind.

Know that worry will not add an hour to our life. 

Frolic once in a while.

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