Breaking Blocks

I finally broke the artist's block by making a quick painting of a cat. Roberto monitors my progress.
I finally broke the artist’s block by making a quick painting of a cat. Roberto monitors my progress.

During the month of December I usually do not paint. My husband and I decorate the house with a large Dickens Village, at least fifty Santa Clause figurines, wreaths and garland on the doors and over the mantle, and a medium sized tree covered with 1600 tiny colored lights. With all of that, we have to have several get-togethers with neighbors and friends. I bake a few things and make milk punch to share. We wrap gifts on any flat space not covered with other stuff. After traveling to visit family we come home to take everything down and store it in the attic. The process keeps me busy for a month, but usually by New Year’s day, I am back in my painting room.

Except this year. What began as the Christmas hiatus became January. Then February. I stayed busy doing laundry, cooking, and working. I made two trips to visit my parents and spent time in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I began taking a yoga class. When I finally realized that it had been nearly ten weeks since I painted, I knew I had a case of “artist’s block.”

The prescription is easy. Just finish something, anything. Nothing will happen if I don’t keep up with the laundry or fix supper. It is a certainty that nothing will happen if I don’t get back to my easel!

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