Cobalt Skies and Cadmium Yellow Wildflowers

This tree has fascinated me for years. It was the perfect green-gold color this week.
This tree has fascinated me for years. It was the perfect green-gold color this week.

Since I have not been able to get together with my friends to paint during the week, I decided to do a little plein air painting on my own one afternoon after school. There is a fabulous green-gold colored tree across from the school that is just begging to be painted, and once again I could stand on the sidewalk and work.

I parked across the street. The crossing guard stopped the three lanes of traffic so I could make it safely across the street. Then I realized I left my canvas in the car, so back across I went. At least I got some exercise. There was a shady area to set my easel. After making a sketch, I began to paint

One never knows what will happen outside or who one will meet. The cross-country team from the high school ran by, and the coach followed on his bike. It turns out we were former colleagues, so we had a nice chat. When the cross-country runners passed on their way back they complimented my work. A student walking home from school stopped and showed me her art portfolio. The after-school detention group even spoke. I packed up before the traffic became too heavy to cross the street.

My painting was just a quick start. I may never complete it. Being outside on a perfect October day with cobalt skies and cadmium yellow wildflowers swaying in the field just for the fun of it may be the best reason of all to paint.


Author: Dana Mosby

Dana Mosby has been making art since the age of two. Her first project involved crayons and the wall of her parents' home.

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