Deadlines are a Good Motivator

Notice Curio, the studio cat, supervising.
Notice Curio, the studio cat, supervising.

Even though the first week of August, 2014 is not over, I must return to my full time job of teaching tomorrow. This is the career that enables me to purchase art supplies so I can pursue my passion. Even though I teach art, the job responsibilities often consume me and I don’t spend time developing my own work. So, with the opening of school bearing down on me, I knew I better get busy.

Robert Genn wrote in his twice-weekly newsletter years ago that a good way to get motivated is to complete a project. With unfinished work hanging over our heads, it’s hard to work on anything new. I have taken his advice in the past (I learned so much from his writings) and found that by finishing a piece I was more confident about the next project. I began about fourteen paintings from life since the beginning of the year and finished three in the last three days. I am a slow painter, so that was pretty good time for me. If I don’t start anything new, I may be able to catch up by the end of the year!

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