Gargantuan Garage/Warehouse Sale

What is a 5000 square foot warehouse with nine families/vendors selling previously used merchandise for two days called? A Gargantuan Garage/Warehouse Sale, of course. And in my case, I am pretty certain it will be my last one.

The garage sale concept sounds so simple. Go through your house and get all the STUFF that hasn’t been used in the last three years. Price it, put it on tables in the driveway or carport, make all kinds of money because your STUFF is good STUFF that someone will want. Take the earnings and buy new STUFF and bring what didn’t sell to a thrift shop.

5000 square feet of previously used STUFF.

In my case it’s not so simple. My house is full of STUFF that I have not and will not use, but it can’t be sold or given away because it is family STUFF. (We have boxes of unpacked STUFF in our attic from when we built the house twenty years ago.) Even so, I was still able to take a couple of boxes to the warehouse. It took over a week for everyone participating to set up, and the building looked like a huge resale store when we were finished. Since most of us who were selling are also artists, there were paintings too.

The problem with having different vendors is there are opportunities to shop and  spend. My plan was to make enough to purchase a GelPro mat to stand on when painting at the studio. However, after making $31, spending $6 on a cute dress, $4 on a groovy 1960’s  overnight suitcase, and a painting I have always admired from my friend, Betty, I didn’t make my goal.

But I did get rid of some things and got some good STUFF!

I picked up a groovy 1960’s suitcase to carry art supplies. Topaz, the cat, was already mine.

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