Giving Thanks

In November we seem to think just a little bit more about those things for which was are thankful, even though we should be grateful every day of the year. I guess it’s good to have one day of the year designated as that day of thanksgiving so we will actually do it.

I have so much for which to be thankful: my husband who supports me in all that I do, my siblings who are always there for me, some very good friends, and of course, my parents, who gave me everything.

I am thankful they gave me the essentials for life and so much more. My parents taught me how to make do with what I had. They sent me to a Catholic school, where I received an outstanding education, and made it easy for me to attend college. I was even allowed to make mistakes, and my parents were there to help me overcome them. Mother and Daddy supported my decision to major in art, even though I was not the best artist or most creative person. They wanted me to be happy.

One of the best moments for me was when I overheard my father tell someone his daughter, Dana, was an ARTIST. That was the best validation I have ever had.

Daddy, I hope I still make you proud!

I painted this portrait of my father, Dan Sisson, about 2000.
I painted this portrait of my father, Dan Sisson, about 2000.

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