Painting the Bridge


Tombigbee River Bridge, Highway 82, Columbus, MS
Tombigbee River Bridge, Highway 82, Columbus, MS

When I was very young, crossing the Tombigbee River Bridge in our ’55 Bel Air meant we were going on an adventure out of town. When I was older, crossing the bridge meant we were going to the Southernaire or The Club. (I never went to Bob’s. Really.) The bridge seemed so long and big, maybe just a little scary too.

I am so impressed with the Riverwalk. It is well maintained, safe, and has some beautiful vistas. The citizens of Columbus have good reason to be proud of it. When I visit my family, I often bring my easel along and begin paintings of local scenery. The bridge of my youth was covered in rust, but even so, it was majestic and would make a fabulous landscape. I worked on the bridge a couple of hours to get a good underpainting and completed it when I got home.

One of the reasons I paint is to capture the subject. Photos are fine, but there is nothing to compare to the work created by the artist’s hand and heart. Plein air painting is not for everyone. I started painting on location about twenty years ago.  The results are not always good, but I enjoy it and love being outdoors. And, unlike some golfers, I have something to show after my morning outside.

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