Resolutions v Goals

Resolutions v Goals


Resolution 4: a formal statement expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a [person or] body of persons.

Goal: 3 : an object toward which play [or work] is directed to score.


It’s the time of the year when many make a resolution to do something beneficial for themselves or others. Lose twenty pounds, quit smoking, exercise three times a week, or make better grades are some common resolutions. Some people have already broken the promises made on January 1. I don’t make promises I know I cannot or will not keep, like the time I tried to give up sugar about the time Halloween rolled around. What was I thinking? A goal, however, requires effort but is achievable. Goals have benchmarks so progress can be measured.

The past six months I have tried to set small goals to make myself a better person, teacher and artist. Since I did not master most of them, I won’t share specifics, but one month I focused on using my time more wisely to paint more. My Wednesday morning painting group was a great motivator during the summer. Even if I did not feel like getting up and heading out to paint, I did it because there were others involved. Once school began, I had to figure a way to continue the momentum.

Schedule it on the calendar.

So simple. I have a calendar for work and home. I schedule classes, meetings and appointments, and quite often meetings get scheduled for me. I rarely miss any because it is written on the calendar. I made appointments for painting, writing and computer time and accomplished quite a bit. There is something about writing it down that makes it a legitimate task. (Painting is fun, but it is also brainwork for me.) It worked well until the holidays when my only goal was to make it until January.

Small Still Life
Small Still Life

So here we are in the first week of the new year. My goal is not to create a painting each week, but to make my weekly appointment at the easel. If I can do that, then creating the paintings will be easy.

Author: Dana Mosby

Dana Mosby has been making art since the age of two. Her first project involved crayons and the wall of her parents' home.

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