Shopping at Mo’s

The Covington Three Rivers Art Festival is one of the best arts and crafts shows in Louisiana. On the second Saturday of November my friends and I make a day of shopping, having lunch at the Tap Room, and stopping by Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket to check out the wine selection on the way home. We park in the same place, eat the same meal, and look for the same vendors each year. It’s fun to discover new artists and disappointing when old favorites are not attending. Seeing what other artists have to offer is one reason I enjoy the festival, but there is an even greater draw. Going to Mo’s.

Mo’s is an art supply and framing shop in Covington, LA. The selection in this small store is extensive, spanning the typical oil/acrylic/watercolor paint selection to beautiful handmade papers for collaging to clever gifts for the artist in one’s life. Customers are allowed to check the snap of brushes and feel the texture of papers. Classes are offered. Purchases are placed in cute hand stamped bags. It’s like candy land for artists.

Mo's shopping bags have a hand-stamped image of Mona Lisa with a palette.
Mo’s shopping bags have a hand-stamped image of Mona Lisa with a palette.

So last weekend while all my friends were purchasing gifts for Christmas, I was in Mo’s looking for a new brush, calligraphy ink, and maybe a stray piece of Wallis pastel paper. I found Egbert brushes that one of my painting buddies was raving about, so I bought two. Higgins Eternal Ink, the one my calligraphy instructor in college had us use, was not offered in my big art supply catalogue, but there was one bottle at Mo’s. Who knows, it may be the last on the planet. And I think my search for Wallis paper is hopeless…I have one large piece left and need to make the best of it.

When we met to go home, my friends had lots of interesting purchases for show and tell. I had some new paintbrushes, ink  and no pastel paper to show my friends. Remember, if someone tells you that you have enough art supplies and you don’t need anymore, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life (source unknown).

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