Snow Day

Snow days (or “sneaux” days) are rare occurrences in South Louisiana, but they are exciting even for us older people.  Having a day to do nothing but stay inside, watch movies, and eat junk food is great, as long as it happens on a school day.

We had an unexpected day off last Friday when wintery precipitation was predicted. I don’t know why I feel a little guilty when school is cancelled due to bad weather, but it is probably because ours is nothing compared to what has been occurring in other parts of the country. I promised myself that I would spend a couple of hours completing the never-ending paperwork my job involves and then do something just for myself.

Didn’t happen that way. In fact, it was Sunday before I ever got around to looking at that paperwork. I took a whole day and made a pot of chili and a painting.

Luv Me One and Only
Luv Me One and Only

I just love conversation hearts. They bring back memories of walking with my MaMa and sister to town on Saturday afternoons. We always stopped at the candy counters at McLelland’s and Woolworth’s. Late January and February was candy heart time, and we were allowed to buy five cents’ worth of candy each.  It came in a little white bag, and of course we could hardly wait to get back to MaMa’s apartment to eat it. It was probably all eaten  before dinner and Let’s Go to the Races! After seeing other artists’ interpretation of conversation hearts, I decided to make my own. Before I ate the entire bag.


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