What I Did On My Summer Vacation

For the past fifteen years or so, on the last day of summer vacation I compiled a list of everything I did. There is something about making a list. It’s easy to understand, and somewhat satisfying when it’s long. This year, the last day of summer vacation was on a Wednesday, so I could not do it.

Several years ago I joined a group of women who wanted to paint together once a week. It was decided the day would be Wednesday. We started in June of that year and worked at each other’s homes. I changed a few appointments so I could make the Wednesday painting meeting. Sadly, I had to stop attending when school started and was a little jealous seeing the work my friends were producing while I taught. Occasionally I joined them during the holidays.

The next summer we added another friend and took a painting trip together, which was a great experience. I was excited about getting back to the routine of Wednesday painting for another summer.

The best thing about the Wednesday painting group is the schedule. Paint on Wednesday morning. It’s what you do, no excuses. There were plenty of times when I would much rather not pack all my gear, get in the intense Louisiana heat, and stay home, but knowing I had someplace to be and people to meet was a huge motivator.

It was really hot on this Wednesday.
It was really hot on this Wednesday.

This summer a few of the original members of the group, as well as some new friends, continued to paint regularly on Wednesdays. I missed one day when I was on vacation (but I did a painting by myself) and took photos on another.IMG_1090

Someone said, “I see your paintings on Facebook. You have gotten so much better!” That’s what happens with consistent practice. On Wednesday mornings. And that’s what I did on my summer vacation.

Rainy days are great for still life painting.
Rainy days are great for still life painting.

Author: Dana Mosby

Dana Mosby has been making art since the age of two. Her first project involved crayons and the wall of her parents' home.

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