All the Colors in the Spectrum

Before the world changed in Spring, 2020, an artist friend suggested painting for an exhibit later in the year. The concept, making paintings based on the colors of the spectrum, seemed simple enough. As we began painting for the proposed exhibit it became evident that the artists in our group had different interpretations of the concept, but that’s the beauty of art…it’s not the same for everyone.

Then there was the ever-lengthening period of no gallery shows. But we kept on painting, not knowing when we would have the opportunity to show our work.

When: September 24 through October 15,  2021, eighteen months after beginning the project. There was a flood event which shut down the gallery where we planned to hang the show.

Where: The FW Gallery in its new location, 516 Moore Street, Baton Rouge, LA. Then there was an increase of Covid cases, which may limit the number of patrons seeing the show.

How: Wear a mask to the gallery open house reception on Friday, September 24, 2021  4-8 pm or any time viewing the exhibit. A  fairly severe hurricane hit our area and interfered with everyone’s life. So…hopefully all will be varnished by the installation date.

Note: The reception was rescheduled to its current date and time because of a scheduling conflict with a football game.  Got to work around the SEC schedule!

After almost two years in the planning and painting, I am excited to finally show six paintings which represent some of the colors of the spectrum. Several were painted en plein air, from a plein air sketch, or from life. All are on cradled panels. 

Painting for this themed exhibit had many challenges; not all were art related. I am just happy to have survived the past eighteen months and having a half dozen new paintings to show for it.

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