Princess Napping in her Chair

In a perfect world, everyone would sleep as well as a cat.  Pastel, 18″ x 14,” $575

I made the silk drapes and the lace sheers for my dining room windows more than twenty years ago. It took weeks to make them. My husband, Cliff,  made cornices for them as well.. They are definitely over the top for our house, but that’s how we like it. We have many old pieces of furniture, including the chair my cat, Curio, is using for her nap. My husband’s grandfather used this particular chair in the dining room of their home in Mississippi. His Aunt Sara made the needlepoint seat covers. If one looks carefully, there is a piece missing from the back of the chair, the result of roughhousing in the house. Cliff was blamed for the accident, only to find out years later that his brother and friends did it. We have the piece for the chair but after twenty years have yet to repair the chair. We are kind of slow like that.

As I painted the chair, Cliff asked me not to repair it. I guess it’s been that way so long it just wouldn’t be right if it was perfect. And Curio the cat probably wouldn’t like it either.